Terence T. Huang, Alan C.-Y. Lin and Ted. C.-Y. Chang

YouCast is a global-scale reality TV network that empowers people everywhere to interactively report and witness live video from any location with mobile Internet access. The combination of real-time, location-based videos, user-generated content, social networks, and two-way interactivity will support the creation of new genres and applications of social interactive media and online journalism, in addition to assisting emergency alert and rescue efforts.

The proposed YouCast service platform will offer unique features that enable users to:

  • Transcode, relay, and distribute live video streams broadcasted from mobile devices
  • Explore, search through, and witness live video events by location
  • Request live videos from designated areas and interact with content providers via instant text/voice messages
  • Form user communities with special interests in specific locations/events and interact with popular social networks
  • Support live, high-definition videos on enabled mobile devices
  • Provide first-hand live footage for TV news networks, with royalty rewards for users
  • Visualise accurate movement paths of live video sources

Target market
YouCast is an open-service platform that enables user communities to innovate unlimited applications based on real-time, interactive, location-based videos. All global users who have a GNSS phone or mobile device with video input and access to wireless broadband Internet are potential YouCast users.

Customer benefit
YouCast will revolutionise the space of Web 2.0 media by enabling direct streaming of real-time videos from mobile users at remote locations, as well as interaction with maps and social networks. With both location and context information attached to live videos, SIG (special interest group) communities can be formed to share in special events in particular areas.

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