Igors Homjakovs, Vladimirs Homjakovs, Imad Maouli

The proposed application, a navigation system, targets visually impaired people. It is based on precise satellite navigation and detailed tactile visualisation technologies. This system will give visually impaired people the information they need most – their exact location and that of their destination – as well as provide them with other LBS and emergency tracking services, in case someone gets lost.

The tactile navigation system is able to provide information on haptically complex patterns, such as roads, crossroads, buildings, shops, various major obstacles, etc. in places where directional pathways or tactile means of control are not available. Additionally, the system uses written language or synthesised speech for better and unconstrained navigation. The application is focusing on two key senses – hearing and touch – which are best trained in case of visually impaired people. In combination with precise GNSS data, this allows safe navigation even in previously unknown areas.