Dr Mario Neugebauer and Dr Jürgen Anke

The availability of on-time information on available load volume and its location is a key enabler for improved dispatching and higher returns on assets in logistics. While determining location is relatively easy, measuring available load volume is much more difficult. The ubigrate load-volume tracking system relies on ultrasonic devices to measure available capacity. This system is robust, inexpensive, and can be adapted to the required level of accuracy. Acquired volume data is combined with the current location and transmitted instantly to transport management systems or other logistics software.

Currently available solutions for load-volume optimisation require the packer to follow certain predetermined packing plans. In practice, however, variations in packing occur, causing the capacity calculated to differ from that which is actually available. ubigrate’s real-time load-volume tracking system does not calculate available capacity – it measures it. The system does not require volume information on the freight up front, works with any packing of freight, and provides an up-to-date view of free capacity and its distribution in the freight area at any time.

Target market
The ubigrate solution targets logistics companies of all sizes that require up-to-date information on available load volume for their fleets, such as for dispatching or billing. This includes small and midsize businesses like courier services and haulage companies, as well as world-wide logistics providers like DHL.

Customer benefit
The new system provides a real-time view of free load volume and its location. With this information, new transportation requests can be assigned immediately to the closest delivery truck with enough available capacity. Faster pickup of parcels reduces the overall time required to deliver it to its destination. Furthermore, the higher utilisation of loading capacity increases return on assets and preserves the environment. It also enables new business models such as usage-based transport billing.

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