Timo Friesland, Dr Florian Odronitz, Markus Otte, Martin Raack

twofloats offers a software solution for a multitude of mobile applications in the field of location-based services. Our innovation is an efficient and scalable software-as-a-service for detecting proximity amongst large numbers of moving objects. New and existing applications can easily be extended to leverage proximity detection between users – so far this has been technically impractical.

As part of an application, twofloats’ advanced algorithm tracks the locations of registered users. Whenever two users get spatially close, twofloats triggers an action resulting in the notifi cation of the users or a trusted third Party.

Hence, members of social networks never miss an opportunity to meet their future spouses; business colleagues can reconnect on a fair, and old friends can catch up whenever they happen to be in the same town. Companies can seamlessly integrate twofloats in consumer apps and dynamically trigger interactions between customers, based on proximity. By taking into account additional factors like age, gender and arbitrary keywords, twofloats offers a self-contained location-based matching service.