Hui-Kuo Yang, Yu-Hsiang Chuang, Che-Wei Liang, Chi-Chun Kao, Po-Wen Wang, Shih-Wen Chiang

When travelling in a foreign country, exotic sights and cultures ignite one’s curiosity and desire to explore new and interesting things. However, things do not always go as planned during trips; unfamiliarity with foreign environments and language barriers are two of the most frequent reasons for travel trouble. TravMate, a novel mobile application, provides travellers with easy and friendly channels to access local services and establish friendships with local folks. TravMate utilises Galileo satellite navigation technologies and NAVTEQ map technologies to provide a highly interactive and straightforward user interface for travellers to get immediate assistance from local helpers. By leveraging the power of community, it forms a positive framework that encourages helpers participating in the community to offer their services, thereby further increasing TravMate’s appeal to its users.

Travellers using TravMate services will be matched by our sophisticated algorithm and receive help from local folks without needing to worry about language gaps. They can also access various services conveniently and efficiently on mobile devices through a friendly user interface that utilises NAVTEQ mobile map technologies.

Our system targets travellers, especially those who visit foreign countries. Europe is the world’s most flourishing area of tourism, and the industry continues to make great strides in the Asia-Pacific region due to economic progress in emerging countries. The diversity of languages and cultures in these two grand regions bear out TravMate’s potential to succeed.

TravMate services offer travellers secure and convenient touring experiences by mitigating their fears of language barriers. A highly interactive user interface ensures that travellers can easily locate where they are and guides them to their desired destinations. By incorporating the concept of community and an attractive operating mechanism, TravMate will attract more service providers to join the community and provide versatile services to travellers.


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