Peter Lilley, Charlie Davies

Today, the best search option for locationspecific information is distance – “within X miles / kilometres”. But wouldn’t it be more useful to search by travel time and the modes of transport at your disposal? On a property web site, you could find suitable houses within “a 45-minute train journey to work, at 7:30 a.m.” (or any combination of walking, driving, or taking public transport). That’s exactly what the Travel Time Platform enables on any web site or mobile app with location-specific content (property, jobs, classifieds, directories, dating, vouchers, retailers, and much more). Searching by travel time typically doubles the number of relevant results. The Travel Time Platform is unique, commercially live across the UK, and has been successfully tested in most major European countries (and beyond). Travel Time brings the economic, social, and environmental value of GNSS data to users of all the sites that reference it. The platform is not just a simple app; it is an end-to-end solution. It also powers several other business analysis tools that enable our customers to readily analyse their own data in terms of travel time. This is especially valuable in the logistics industry.