Daniel Isaksson

Bicycles are stolen every day in cities all around the world, a fact which entails more administrative police work. Not to mention the problem it creates for people going to work or school.

My idea basically consists of a positioning chip, a unit able to send information through the GSM/3G, an antenna, battery supply and a computer system capable of receiving the information, interpreting and converting it to a position that is understandable on a map. The idea is that this positioning information could be provided by a mobile service based on the 3G net which you activate yourself or a service rendered by an operator.

A program sender chip which sends signals to the signal receiver. Demands small amount of energy. Like emergency signals, a special frequency could be reserved on the 3G net. The components making up the system would be placed in the frame of the bicycle within a casing making it “theft-proof”.

This system would be possible to apply to the Galileo system because it provides a position of your stolen bicycle. In regard to the police work needed for solving these minor crimes, you can see that this idea has, in my opinion, a wide market.

This idea would have several uses:

  • Retrieving stolen bicycles
  • Decreasing administrative police work
  • Creating a “new” insurance industry

All components of the system currently exist, except for the unit transmitting the signal to the computer. The function would be the same as in a mobile phone except that it must use much less battery power and be much smaller. Imagine that you could always obtain a map showing the whereabouts of your bicycle and an x that marks the spot. This application could be applied to many other areas, not only bicycles. Enabling this service to be accessible from a 3G-mobile or a web-based system would solve many problems.

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