Dr Aanjhan Ranganathan, Hildur Olafsdottir, Prof Dr Srdjan Capkun

GNSS is critical to a large set of applications ranging from autonomous cars to smart grid infrastructures. GPS, today’s de-facto outdoor localisation system, is vulnerable to signal spoofing attacks. It is currently possible to change the course of a ship or force a drone to land in a hostile area simply by spoofing GPS signals. The team behind SPREE has introduced the first GNSS receiver that is capable of detecting all known spoofing attacks. SPREE implements novel signal tracking and decoding algorithms that prevent even a strong attacker from being able to spoof the receiver more than 1 km away from its true location. This is a significant improvement over state-of-the-art receivers, which can be spoofed to any arbitrary location in the world, potentially resulting in millions of dollars in assets lost for a company. Potential customers include maritime and military operators, smart grids, and autonomous automobile manufacturers. PRS customers can also leverage the solution to secure their infrastructures against spoofing attacks. In addition, SPREE can be deployed directly on current GNSS receivers with a simple firmware upgrade, thus reducing the deployment cost to a Minimum.