Michael Turner
In the near future autonomous vehicles like UAVs and autonomous ships and cars will become commonplace. They will use GNSS for navigation in addition to “sense-and-avoid” capabilities. However, GNSS is vulnerable to both environmental effects (including multipath reflections and local interference) and malicious attacks. Deliberate jamming from personal privacy devices is a real menace, and spoofing – where GNSS signals are transmitted deliberately to deceive receivers – is now being reported in the real world. This will increase with the availability of low-cost SDR GNSS signal generators.

The innovative solution presented uses algorithms that can easily detect spoofing and other impairments. Its approach processes GNSS signals in the frequency domain with an innovation that significantly reduces the processing load. While most receivers provide three correlation points per satellite, this product provides the equivalent of 250,000 correlation points for every visible satellite in real time. This means the signal quality received can be established before the signals are used, and spoofers are spotted based on the presence of multiple correlation peaks.

Customer benefits

Spoofing, interference, and multipath are detected before they become a problem.

Integrity is improved through the exclusive use of genuine signals of proven quality.