Ashish Rauniyar, Siva Leela Krishna Chand GUDI

Dementia/Alzheimer‘s cases are increasing worldwide. One of the main concerns of relatives and caregivers is that patients are not only oblivious, but can fall unexpectedly due to a loss of bodily control. Illuminox seeks to address this problem with a smartwatch including an airbag feature for fall detection and a connected application for caregivers. The embedded LoRa geolocation solution supports in- and outdoor tracking, which makes life easier for patients and caregivers alike.
The device offers the following benefits:
› SOS/medical emergency calls
› Emergency call function for caregivers
› Heartbeat monitoring
› Guides patients back to a set home address
› Real-time geotracking of patients in a predefined area
› Sends alerts to caregivers if patients leave a predefined area
› Airbag inflates as soon as device detects a patient’s fall
The solution is highly accurate thanks to its use of deep learning algorithms for ignoring false alarms. The data is processed by servers based on Fog Robotics. The main goal of Illuminox is to save more lives of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.


The Expertise:
«By also triggering a safety air bag protecting the head, this novel smart watch aims to reduce fatalities related to fall accidents, which is a leading cause of injuries of dementia patients.»

Kjersti Moldeklev
Senior Adviser Satellite Navigation, Norwegian Space Centre