Jens Rieder, Thomas Fischer, Andreas Poehlmann, Philip Kozlowski, Sören Burckardt, Simon Neipp, Julian Clamroth, Samir Krnjic

SkyAmps is a wind power plant based on two kites pulling away from each other. The ropes of each kite are wrapped around a bar in opposite directions. The kites fly away from each other, pulling in different directions. One kite flies straight into the maximum power wind zone, whereas the second one pulls just as hard to support its own weight. As a consequence, the bar starts to rotate. A generator takes the enormous force a kite can create and turns it into electric energy.

Compared to standard wind power plants, the major advantage of this technology is that it can be used at high operating heights: after all, the higher you get, the stronger and the more constant the wind is. As a consequence, one kWh generated with SkyAmps can cost as little as € 0,02 – well below the standard price for green energy.

The obvious advantage SkyAmps offers over one-kite power plants is of course a better efficiency rate. SkyAmps loses only a tiny fraction of the power wasted by one-kite systems, which have to buffer electric energy to run an electric engine needed to pull down the kite. In a nutshell, SkyAmps is the ideal solution for a green energy mix!