Harald Skinnemoen, Hakon Eggemoen, Dan Richard Isdahl-Engh

Using a smartphone app, insurance clients can provide trusted and reliable loss notifications. When integrated into claims management, this reduces processing costs, time, fraud, and ultimately the cost of insurance. First deployed to manage traffic accidents in Thailand, this system also covers domestic claims. The estimated annual cost of claims management is EUR 37 billion. We work with the second-largest players in Europe and Thailand and are connected to the US market. The main requirement is trust in claim correctness. Along with accurate time- and geo-tagging via GNSS, fast, robust communications for interacting in real time and the ability to study regions of interest at a high level of quality (e.g. for tags and information details) are key. The idea is based on professional disaster management and crowdsourcing. Trusted observations are used to validate satellite images. Rapid and robust transfer functionality was developed to facilitate working anytime and anywhere. We are now also working with the United Nations and the World Bank to provide rapid damage estimates after major disasters. Farmers, for example, can receive lost crop compensation quicker than they do today.