Andreas Sisask, Luis Barragan, Andres Birnbaum, Lauri Kimmel, Rauno Ots, Michael Hawkshaw

RENEV is a smart phone application allowing electric vehicle (EV) users to reach destinations outside the battery range as cost and time-effectively as possible. Integrated with the EV battery management system and the charging stations, RENEV makes it easier for the EV user to select the stations and charging procedures most convenient for him.

The route is calculated and updated according to the current battery level. Charging stations are booked automatically, with all the relevant information (availability, time and cost of charge etc.) available online from the charging station infrastructure management system.

Apart from a smart phone, no additional devices are required. Navigation statistics can be used to fi nd optimal sites for new charging stations or relocating the existing ones.

RENEV will contribute to the national and international efforts made to encourage EU citizens to buy electric cars. At the same time, it will help optimise the size of the charging infrastructure.