François Ducos

RegiGolf aims to record and objectively monitor games of golf by removing any player intervention in the scoring. The system integrates a number of technical components that gather and record the necessary data to render shot-by-shot accounts of games in its computer software. The system also allows participating clubs to upload certified scores to their local federation for immediate delivery of newly awarded handicaps. The system includes a custom GNSS/GPRS belt to be worn by the player, RFID-enabled golf balls, a software suite to be used by clubs and federations, and a centralised information base held by RegiGolf. RegiGolf’s patented concept is based on the latest technological developments in automated identification, fine-grain geo-positioning, and automated mapping. The keys to RegiGolf’s success include:

  • The SmartGolfBall, which carries a miniature identification chip without hindering golfing performance
  • The SmartGolfBelt, which records and transmits data points gathered via GNSS with millimetre-level precision
  • The open-source SmartRegiGolf software suite, which maps golf clubs, gathers player data, and passes it on