Stef Kolman, Selene Kolman, Tomas van der Wansem, Bernard Veltien

In Europe today, our passenger cars are the cause of 12% of man-made CO2, the main form of greenhouse gas pollution. A total of 230 million vehicles produce an average of 155 grammes of CO2 per kilometre (2009). Recent legislation (Kyoto, Copenhagen) will require this number to decrease to 95 gCO2/ km by 2020. While new fuel-consumption and emission data is sourced from manufacturers’ own CO2 figures and checked with type-approval data from the Vehicle Certification Agency before car energy labels are applied and cars enter the market, real-world CO2 emission data is currently not available.
Vehicle Emission Profiles use OpenCarData technology to generate realworld carbon emission profiles for passenger vehicles and compares them with European Union legislation on car energy labelling (Directive 1999/94/ EC). It provides a management tool with which drivers, fleet owners, and governments can share, compare, and change vehicle CO2 emissions.

On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) is a universal car computer system built into vehicles from 1996 onwards to monitor the emission performance of car engines. Although OBD has been around for many years, it has not been used to network our cars or to aggregate our vehicles’ (emission) performance data. OpenCarData taps into vehicles’ OBD-II information, transmits it in real time to an open-source system, and stores it in a publicly available database. The system thus performs real-time “check-ups” on individual cars or entire fleets. We provide software and an API to enable custom OBD-II applications and management tools.
Road user charging (based on absolute emission values) will be charged by the grammes of CO2 per kilometre generated by each individual car (“charge by emission”) instead of by kilometres (“charge by distance”). Vehicle Emission Profiles provide a new entry point for road user charging by calculating actual emission volumes and visualising their locations. They also give carleasing companies the opportunity to enrich their IT software suites with new tools to manage vehicle emissions and save costs.CUSTOMER BENEFIT
Companies and individuals may save up to €450 per car every year on fuel savings and emission charges.* Meanwhile, EU governments could potentially cut back 115 billion kilogrammes of CO2 emissions from their annual quotas – a combined EU ETS valuation of €5.2 billion.**
* Based on a 20% reduction, 25,000 kilometres per year/per car, €1.50/ltr gas price
** Based on a 20% reduction, 25,000 kilometres per year/per car, €45 per ton CO2 Price

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