Fredrik Beckman, Jonas Hallin

Apptimate integrates positioning as a security mechanism for messagebased communication. By applying self-deletion and user authentication based on positioning data, it achieves a new level of secure communication in mobile apps. Today, Apptimate (formerly PingPal) offers completely secure and encrypted point-to-point messaging as a service. When a message has been delivered, however, it will remain in the history of the receiving device.
In addition, geo-positioning triggers can be used for automated message management. Apptimate is also developing a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that simplifies the implementation of this self-deleting mechanism in any app.

Some planned implementations:

  • Restricting the sending and reading of messages to specific locations
  • Deleting messages when the user crosses a geo-fence (“This information is not allowed to leave this building/ country/etc.”)
  • Enabling the user to draw a route on a map and set an alarm that will be activated if a monitored individual deviates from the route and deletes all related classified data
  • Confirming transactions with messages from specified Locations