Angelica Valdivia, Dr Jeffrey Wallace, Dr Sara Kambouris, Dr Lukasz Bonenberg, Markus Löning

Infinite Dimensions Integration S.L. is creating an intelligent navigation system package for buses supporting current and future technologies and regulations. The company’s technology implements all existing GNSS data and operates in GPS-denied environments using alternative navigation sensors and systems. Combined with a development kit and execution environment for intelligent network-based systems, the package will facilitate the cost-effective assembly and sale of bus automation systems. Capabilities can be adapted to technologies and regulatory environments as they evolve into a fully autonomous future, opening the door to greater efficiency in areas such as:
›› Fuel consumption (estimated reductions of up to 40%)
›› Safety and security
›› Quality of life
The company’s approach to vehicle automation provides greater accuracy and precision. By focusing on this market segment, it can pursue the optimisation of technology and product packaging and the expansion of infrastructure (i.e. signals to support wide-area real-time kinematics (RTK), cloud monitoring and control) in support of more advanced vehicle-automation methods.


The Expertise:
«From automated buses to intelligent bikes: an integrated and collaborative (cheaper) solution for future self-driving transport.»

Fali Godoy Rubio
Telecommunications Engineer, University of Málaga (UMA)