Ben Ayed, Ousama Mahjoub, Mehdi Ayadi, Ahmet Toprak

Every day in the United States alone, over one million people “misplace” their vehicles and wander around frustrated, confused, and embarrassed. It’s as if your car is playing hide-and-seek with you in the parking lot. For nearly 20 years now, auto manufacturers have been offering factory alarm systems operated by a remote key fob device that locates your vehicle in a parking lot by remotely honking the horn. Unfortunately, the range of alarm key fobs is short (approximately 15-30 meter). New products have recently been marketed to help people locate their parked vehicles primarily through GPS navigation. However, these products require users to remember to mark their parking location each time they leave their vehicle. ParkTrack comprises a combination of mobile application and Bluetooth sensor that users leave in their vehicle’s glove compartment. ParkTrack automatically records a vehicle’s location every time it is parked, which enables it to provide precise directions back to the vehicle if the user ever forgets its location. ParkTrack works anywhere – at any distance from the vehicle – and is also very reliable.