Marc van Gent, Martin Koel, Tudor Cobalas, Bastiaan Walenkamp

Park your car, take your smartphone, start the application, and stop it when you drive away. Forget about finding and filling the parking meter. This is the future of car parking.

Although paid parking has advanced in technology, the existing solutions are not optimised. Finding a parking code and sending complex text messages is time-consuming, difficult, and frustrating. Using the combination of positioning technology and smartphone devices solves these problems.

Users of current services have to send a text message with their license plate, a keyword, and a parking zone code to a dedicated parking provider. Each city has a different provider, which presents another problem. The parking code is usually displayed on the parking meter, which can be difficult to find. The same exhausting procedure is necessary when leaving the parking area.

This new technology, Parking Dialogue, uses location coordinates to identify the parking area and the details related to it. Moreover, all parking providers are available in the application. A simple click is all that is necessary to start and end a parking session.

The innovation of Parking Dialogue comes from the combination of parking system technology and the features of smartphones, including positioning, SMS, and Internet functions. This results in a comfortable solution that saves time in day-to-day activities. It’s complex technology made simple and easy for the user. Parking Dialogue could also inspire other applications, such as a tool able to combine data from ENVISAT satellites in order to help users avoid polluted and busy areas of a city.

Any smartphone user who has a car and lives in a busy city is a potential customer. In 2008, the value of the parking market in Amsterdam was around €140 million, of which parking via mobile phone accounted for €26.5 million. Drawing a parallel to the growing figures of the smartphone market, we are targeting the parking markets of large European and North American cities. The ineffective method used nowadays, where users have to send a unique SMS after finding the number of the parking area and another message to close the parking session, is easily managed by the innovative Parking Dialogue solution.

This service provides an integrated solution to a highly difficult, time-consuming problem that can otherwise cause considerable frustration. Looking forward, we can achieve integration with other data sources, applications, and functionalities. Our customers will benefit from a mobile application that supports the applicability and functionality of daily activities.

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