Dominique Clarac and Thierry Fargas

NodboxSafeRoad is a technological gateway between road, navigation cartography, and embedded worlds, bringing about a technological breakthrough in active embedded safety. NodboxSafeRoad provides risk predictions to drivers during the preliminary phase of non-danger, bringing about a dramatic improvement of road prevention and prediction systems. NodboxSafeRoad analyses the potential risks regarding specific driver behaviour with vehicle speed, rolling conditions, road features, existing dangers and weather conditions. With NodboxSafeRoad, road management centres are able to analyse and precisely localise road dangers and dangerous conditions to turn the dangers into risks. NodboxSafeRoad provides electronic modelling of highly non-linear and complex problematic, real time <1ms calculations and predictions. The system takes into account the infinite number of configurations (road, vehicle, condition, driving) and the existing data with a progressive and pragmatic implementation. The system provides inter-compatibility, convergence, integration of each future technology, upgradeability and adaptation of warnings by using available data and its confidence level; The system integrates empirical knowledge and the combination of quantified elements with a qualitative expertise; NodboxSafeRoad goes beyond the limits of the traditional Data Mining approaches, which hardly include the singular structural incidents.

NodboxSafeRoad is an innovative solution providing road surface adherence and very precise 3D road geometry. The system provides real time identification and qualification of loss or disrepair of the positioning signal provided by the satellite navigation systems. NodboxSafeRoad screens out and discriminates signal origins that are produced by embedded sensors in vehicles.


  • Road management centres
  • Local and regional road authorities
  • Road data navigation providers
  • GPS & mobile equipment manufacturers and operators
  • ADAS market
  • Automotive manufacturers and equipment suppliers


  • Improvement of vehicle positioning on the road
  • Localised and adaptive danger identification (on navigation cartographies) and rules turning those dangers into risks
  • Determination of offered adherence for each segment of road
  • Weather incidence integration and global grip prediction for each vehicle
  • Real time qualification of driving and trajectory incidences on rolling limits regarding road and vehicle
  • Prediction of limits for skid, rollover, braking, lane departure and incursion on opposite lane
  • Detection and prediction of human errors and equipment failure

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