Rafael Olmedo, Luis Burillo

In streams and irrigation channels, wastewater runoff can quickly affect water quality and cause ecosystem degradation. Detecting sources of water pollution along minor waterways is of primary interest to authorities trying to uncover illegal activities and specific sources of water quality degradation.

Since most the rivers and channels are not navigable, it is difficult to collect continuous information along their entire length. Nowadays, technology only allows monitoring in certain spots, which also hinders the process of identifying accurately where and when water quality changes.

NEPA introduces a solution that can detect variations in electro-chemical indicators of water quality autonomously over long stretches of a waterway. NEPA will also enable authorities to locate different wastewater inflows and quantify their relative importance.

The innovation of NEPA lies in the intelligent combination of satellite navigation, wireless communication, and electronics technologies in order to acquire and communicate the analytical parameters of waterways. Both remotely and in real time, the NEPA system alerts the observer to the presence of water contamination by indicating and locating the existence of certain substances or monitoring certain water parameters.

NEPA introduces an advanced system for waterway quality monitoring, providing a valuable tool for professionals and institutions involved in water provision, water pollution investigation, and environmental research. Its market will consist of wetland conservation technicians, technical organisations and services related to water resources and spill control, environmental police and nature protection services, companies involved in water provision or environmental and landscape recovery, and environmental forensics.


  • Provides an innovative, real-time, and low-cost solution for remote waterway quality monitoring
  • Involves the easiest and cheapest spatial analysis of water quality parameters, enabling users to reduce cost and effort
  • Flexibility and adaptability to different environmental conditions and applications depending on the user’s Needs

Rafael Olmedo, Luis Burillo
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