Mr Tomasz Borejko, PhD
Mr Tomasz Radomski, PhD
Mr Witold Pleskacz, PhD, DSc

NaviSoC is an all-in-one, single-chip solution capable of bringing reliable, high-precision positioning to mass-market users and applications. It contains a miniature GNSS receiver equipped with an application microcontroller (MPU) and comes with an SDK that simplifies user application development. This feature sets NaviSoC apart from other GNSS receivers and can be especially important for IoT applications and autonomous systems. No product of this kind has been brought to market, which is why NaviSoC could galvanize future segments of GNSS users and take automation to the next level. It can also drive the market for reliable, low-cost, high-precision GNSS systems as an open-platform solution.

NaviSoC’s navigation component is a multi-frequency GNSS receiver that can receive Galileo, EGNOS, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and QZSS signals simultaneously. Despite being full integrated on silicon, it offers unlimited access to raw GNSS data on any level and could be used in tandem with an external IMU to complement its PNT functions with non-GNSS sensors.

NaviSoC could help promote the market for high-precision applications at a low cost and serve as the basis for many other innovative products.

Customer benefits

NaviSoC offers the chance to incorporate a highly accurate GNSS receiver into navigation systems. It features a low cost (~€20), high precision (< 10 cm), low power consumption (< 100 mW), a miniature size (< 100 mm3), high reliability, and a multi-core 32-bit microcontroller.