Dr Peter Valtink

Satellite navigation alone is neither precise nor reliable enough to support the boom of location-based services in the pedestrian navigation market. Therefore, customers and consumers want multiple positioning technologies in the same product. Our solution, MPos, provides coexistence. Based on the dead reckoning principle, it can be seamlessly integrated with any other positioning technique, such as wi-fi positioning (WPS) or assisted GPS. MPos is a software-only solution, which sets it apart from competitors who have pursued a hardware approach. We also minimise power consumption by using innovative technology that employs a very low-complexity algorithm. Unlike all other positioning technologies that depend on already installed infrastructure, our technology is independent and allows for seamless integration with any other positioning technique. MPos is thus a perfect complement for satellite- based navigation devices.

MPos is a new, infrastructure-independent dead reckoning technology that uses RF channel signatures. These are already measured by mobile devices during standby or normal operation. Our MPos method (patent pending) correlates these channel signatures to determine the speed at which the user is moving. Given this information, the displacement of the user from the last satellite reference location can be approximated and an estimate of his or her new location coordinates can be obtained. MPos is a collaboration project of Prof. Harald Haas (Jacobs University Bremen) and MobilTec GmbH & Co. KG and was co-funded by Bremen government (BIS Bremerhaven).
Our target market comprises location-based services (LBS) and navigation solutions. Our target customers are original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original device manufacturers (ODMs) in the mobile phone and PND/GPS chip markets, as well as suppliers of object-tracking equipment. We also can build new devices for theft protection for the security market. These devices will be cheap and easy to apply. In addition to an onboard GPS receiver, our MPos device works indoors and even in case of a GPS jammer attack.
We add value to the products of our customers by enhancing the end-user experience. We achieve this by:
  • Reducing manufacturing costs thanks to a smaller chip size
  • Providing seamless integration with other navigation technologies
  • Offering constant battery life based on a low-complexity algorithm
  • Assuring high service quality, including continuous and reliable navigation under weak or nonexistent GPS signal conditions (urban environments, indoors, etc.)


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