Michal Jakob, Jan Hrncir, Pavol Žilecký, Jan Nykl

MoveLight will enable seamless integration of bicycles, self-balancing unicycles, hoverboards, and other light personal transporters (LPTs) into intermodal urban transport systems. The MoveLight Navigator app for smartphones and wearable devices will allow urban citizens to find and follow personalised routes that best fit the type of LPT and the context of the trip at hand. High-quality routes will be calculated by a unique behavioural routing engine that utilises advanced algorithms in combination with a variety of information, including crowdsourced sensor data and tracked routes recorded by the MoveLight Navigator app. The engine will also find intermodal routes that combine LPT travel with cars, taxis, or public transport. Rich data and specialised algorithms will power data-driven analytics on light mobility to help municipal authorities understand movement patterns, identify infrastructure bottlenecks, and determine ways to increase the uptake of LPTs. The MoveLight apps and services will rely on the accurate positioning enabled by the next-generation Galileo GNSS. They will build on the winners existing UrbanCyclers platform, which already delivers the envisioned MoveLight functionality for urban cycling.