Narayanan Ramanathan

Under this title, a team of HCLT headed by Dr. Elmar Paul Selbach designed a technology enabling new applications in fishing techniques and also in environmental protection. In particular in developing countries, people make more and more use of marine resources like fish populations and aquatic plants (algae) instead of agriculture.

While industrialized countries use latest satellite navigation technologies in connection with sonar und remote sensing technologies for the location of fish populations or algae fields, this can hardly be financed by farmers and fishermen in developing countries, to say nothing of infrastructure problems.

This solution shows a way how existing data bases, in connection with GPS, enable a low-price and technologically simple system to locate and identify natural resources. This also allows to provide weather forecasts in a simple way which until now was only possible using expensive technical means. All in all, this system offers to fishermen a higher amount of safety, simple handling and low maintenance efforts, thus opening up fishing for developing countries as an efficient resource.

Also, this system can be used as a low-price surveillance equipment in our part of the world, which enables, through low efforts, to supervise fishing quota as well as an improved protection of populations.

The basic principle may also be extended to other fields of application where it is possible to capture physical parameters in a simple way. The director of the Hallbergmoos-based company, Dr. Selbach, was surprised by this unexpected success. With a labor force of 70 employees in Germany, the HCLT company develops software technology, embedded control units and ASIC’s for the automotive and aerospace industries.

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