Markus Manninger, Andreas Ploier, Azra Todoric

The intelligent Drone Rescue System aims to become the first safety solution users choose for UAVs. The team behind it has discovered a large gap in the market: the safety of both people and property. The goal is to develop a fully automated intelligent rescue system that can be installed on the most common drones without any structural modifications to the UAV. Using completely independent electronics, it will be capable of landing a drone safely in case of an emergency. The main idea is to equip the system with various sensors that monitor and analyse all of a UAV’s movements in real-time. If a malfunction occurs, the system will detect it within a fraction of a second and autonomously deploy a rescue parachute, enabling the UAV to land safely and protecting both the equipment and people on the ground. This specially designed mechanism requires very little energy, enabling it to function even if the power supply fails completely. In addition, its GNSS functionality keeps UAVs out of prohibited zones.

Benefits of the connected app:

  • GNSS positioning
  • Data recording
  • Flight analysis
  • Possible upgrades for UAVs