Dr Alexander Koeppen, Hanno Blankenstein, Michael Heinzel, Tony Culshaw

Hammer Crowd is a web- and mobile-based trucker community that provides truckers with useful location-based and messaging services. By integrating partner feeds, it also provides traffic, content or even maintenance information and services, thereby connecting truck drivers with the trucking industry. Hammer Crowd is based on the leading cloud-hosted platform Pocket Life, which delivers various mobile and location-based services across mobile platforms and handsets. This way, Hammer Crowd is fully secure, fully scalable and can be rolled out globally across carriers. Hammer Crowd brings existing trucking communities and their crowd power from CB radio to standard mobile devices and the Internet – leveraging leading location-based services.

Existing location-based services for trucks and truck drivers neglect the requirements and needs of the most important element: the drivers themselves. For the first time, Hammer Crowd combines social networking with location-based services in the specific context of the truck industry. Bringing these services from proprietary built-in devices to mobile platforms opens up various ways to integrate drivers, manufacturers and content providers. Hammer Crowd thus fosters technical innovation, but also supports the design of new business models.

Hammer Crowd targets drivers of large and medium trucks worldwide (roll-out by region) and will also be offered to logistics and other companies as aggregators. Partnerships include content service providers (traffic information, point-of-interest aggregators, etc.), as well as truck manufacturers to integrate additional value-adding services (maintenance updates and fleet management, for example).

Hammer Crowd creates a highly interactive work environment for truck drivers. They can stay in touch with other drivers, find them on maps, share their locations, photos, rated places and other content – all in real time. In addition, it makes both their work and collaboration with co-workers and partners more productive by integrating useful services on user-friendly devices.


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