Hoomann Tahamtani

The regional winner from Göteborg is named “Guardian Angel”. It is represented by Hooman Tahamtani from the “Interactive Institute”.
Target group of this solution is the growing number of seniors in the western developing nations. “Guardian Angel” should help older people to continue living their independent life, because they can be sure to get very fast professional help in critical situations. “Guardian Angel” is a portable tool which sends an emergency signal automatically in case of a critical situation. This signal allows communications with relief organizations as well as display of current position and digital pictures from the “Guardian Angel” owner and his surrounding area. This application uses technologies like GSM, GPRS, 3G, Satellite Navigation Systems and digital image processing. The tool is worn either on a wrap around the neck or integrated in the users clothing, and combines digital camera, mobile phone and satellite navigation system. The unit is activated via a so-called “Panic Button” or by voice.
So “Guardian Angel” lends itself to use for permanent diseased persons or children. The device proposed in the presentation uses currently available technologies such as GSM, GPRS, 3G, GPS, Digital imaging to accomplish its task. It will add a layer of security and independence to the life of all who use it. It is simple to use and does not require special skills. The idea is to combine a digital camera (such as the ones commonly available on phones) with GPS and a limited mobile phone capability.

When the user needs help he can activate the device by pressing a panic button or by just using his or her voice to activate it. The device then dials the rescue center it can maybe use the services of a GPS satellite system such as Galileo to locate the nearest rescue center and establish a connection to it. Two-way communication is established and pictures are sent to the rescue center automatically, depending on the location of the device the picture could be of the user or surrounding to assist the field rescue teams in locating the victim. Pictures can be streamed into a special web page, which is accessible via a handheld device in the field. Once activated the system will continue to operate until it is turned off. Field agents will be able to follow the signal to the victim at all time. The overall purpose of this device is for personal safety and protection of our citizens. This product can also be configured for monitoring movements of children and elderly who need it continuously.

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