Dr Mark Dumville, Ben Wales, Dr Luis Enrique Aguado, Dr Nigel Davies, Richard Bowden, Kevin Adams, Daniel Boulton, Matthew Jones

The encrypted nature of Galileo’s Public Regulated Service (PRS) means that a PRS receiver must load, store, process, and destroy classified cryptographic keys. This adds a security, complexity, and cost overhead to operating a PRS receiver and key delivery infrastructure. A server-PRS distributed approach enables PRS-assured positions and times to be provided as a service to applications in which a full PRS receiver is not practical, which extends the security benefits of PRS to new users. GRIPPA brings the loose integration of server-PRS to standard mobile phones. The result is an Android phone that displays PRS-assured positions on a map. This is achieved through a small module attached to the phone as a sleeve, like an external battery. GRIPPA targets markets that require access to highly reliable positioning and timing on mobile devices, such as police and emergency services. Government users like these are particularly vulnerable to GNSS spoofing, which can impact their ability to ensure the security and safety of citizens. Galileo’s PRS capability has been incorporated into an end-user product and the entire process has been demonstrated to stakeholders and user communities in real time using live signals.

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