Mateusz Krainski, Sebastian Ciuban, Dominika Perz, Lucie Davidova

GNSS Compare is an open-source Android smartphone application that simplifies the development, implementation, and testing of new algorithms for processing raw GNSS parameters.

The application itself, which is available to download for free on the Google Play Store, allows users to calculate their position using a chosen constellation (Galileo, GPS, or both), signal corrections, and an estimator of position, velocity, and time. It is a highly useful tool for helping students gain intuition regarding various steps in the GNSS signal processing chain.

However, GNSS Compare is not just a smartphone application. It is a software framework – a formal, step-by-step definition of how raw GNSS parameters should be processed. This takes the effort out of algorithm development, implementation, and testing for GNSS researchers. Through the application’s user interface, researchers can assess the quality of their algorithms in real time, including in comparison to implemented solutions. Meanwhile, Android software developers who may not be GNSS experts and want to use raw parameters can now use GNSS Compare’s modules as building blocks for their applications.

Customer benefits

GNSS Compare is a great tool for GNSS students, as it provides insights into GNSS signal processing. It is also valuable to researchers (who can use it to easily test their work on a smartphone) and Android developers who want to use raw GNSS data in their apps.