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The Global Vehicle Traffic Monitoring System (GVTMS) is a proactive monitoring system that helps to control traffic infractions, avoid traffic accidents, proactively detect potentially dangerous drivers, and recreate traffic-accident scenarios offline (such as for insurance companies or legal process investigations.Once installed in a car (similar to the black box in an aeroplane), GVTMS can collect GPS and record information. Every time the car stops at an intersection or refuels, the device uploads the information to a database or main network. Once this process is concluded, the internal memory can be deleted. The data is then analysed and scanned for predefined patterns of driving behaviour, or proximity in time and position to known traffic accidents and other irregular events. Applied nationwide, GVTMS could potentially encourage drivers to avoid speed infractions: It automatically detects traffic infractions and collects data on abnormal vehicle behaviour that can be statistically related to alcohol, drugs, dangerous driving, etc.

GVTMS presents unprecedented innovations in the way we currently monitor events and take action on motorways. It also provides a reliable tool for recreating traffic accidents and other roadways events offline – in order to identify witnesses, for example.Besides helping to create statistical models, GVTMS offers the ability to proactively detect dangerous drivers and create mechanisms to improve traffic congestion. It also provides a starting point for creating a universal standard to guide the next generation of GVTMS equipment and software.TARGET MARKET
The target market comprises mainly governmental departments of transportation and insurance companies all around the world, as well as car manufacturers at a later stage. Governments will adopt the GVTMS project and oversee its implementation, while insurance companies will rent services and reports for specific events and legal cases. Car manufacturers will then begin building the GVTMS system into their new models once the standardization is complete.
An amazing and fast ROI is the most attractive benefit for customers, but it is only the beginning. Governments will have a system that improves roadway security and congestion, and at the end of the day GVTMS will save lives.Insurance companies will enjoy a new source of reliable information that saves them a significant amount of money and may change/improve the car insurance concept. Car manufacturers, meanwhile, will have products compliant with the GVTMS standard to add value and security to their cars.


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