Zbynek Poulicek, Boris Prochazka, Petra Cerna

GINA is a technology that facilitates faster and better decision making in the field by allowing real time exchanges of information through the map functionality on mobile devices. It thus improves lifesaving operations, increases staff capacity, and lowers costs related to administrational tasks. The GINA system interconnects a variety of mobile devices over the internet, but also provides the ability to work offline. Thanks to its usage of space technologies such as GPS and satellite maps, it increases the efficiency of field missions by:

  • Preventing misunderstandings
  • Shortening communication lines
  • Protecting staff

GINA has been already deployed in real lifesaving missions – in Haiti in 2010 and Japan in 2011, for example, where it collected more than 2,000 situation reports that were also released to the general public in the form of web projects. It won the trust of ECHO Haiti in executive protection and has already gained its first customers. With GINA, they want to address the global market by building a network of business partners across the world to achieve our primary mission: protecting human lives and values anywhere in the world using modern technologies.