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At present postal deliveries are accomplished by employees. Employees are responsible for courier, express and postal services within their district. Routes and districts are assigned to individual employees or postmen. In practice, vacations, temporary or permanent unavailability or absence which becomes known on very short notice etc. are often difficult to handle. If an individual employee, who is responsible for a certain district, is absent from his job, the responsibility for the district must be taken over by another person or has to be divided between several staff members. Without ©Galileo Postman employees do not benefit from any additional navigation support. Up to now “the training phase” for new employees can take up to several days, which naturally affects productivity. The ©Galileo Postman enables quality control to ensure high quality in delivery services. Recipients may ask for a redirection of their deliveries or define a time slot, when and where they are best reachable. The ©Galileo Postman offers the possibility to create statistics that contain data which show e.g. the number of returned and late deliveries. If a parcel or any expected deliveries are sent to a specific destination, the addressee will receive an SMS on request, informing him/her beforehand when it will be worthwhile to check his or her mail box. The ©Galileo Postman also provides standard navigation functionality.

The ©Galileo Postman helps to optimize a postman’s daily routine by improving his itineraries, setting waypoints and ensuring an efficient evaluation. Postmen are supported by multimedia information from POI as well as routes and planning of activities by satellite navigation. Thus new staff can be trained more quickly and work more efficiently on new routes. The ©Galileo Postman is very easy to use and no in-depth technical knowledge is needed. It is obvious that all these advantages will also help trained postmen to increase their

Possible customers for the ©Galileo Postman are post offices, parcel services and any kind of courier services. Users of the ©Galileo Postman will be postmen, employees of parcel services and e.g. bike couriers. Approximately 1.8 million postmen are potential users world-wide, in Europe there are approximately 900,000 postmen. The costs amount to € 100/ ©Galileo Postman annually. This will result in annual sales of € 180 million world-wide (€ 90 million Europe-wide).

At the beginning there is an instant tracker, which can be used for all new routes. This feature needs no configuration at all. Furthermore a stage planner will be provided with which the postman can plan his ideal routes. Routes may also be suggested by other employees in exactly the same way. A further feature of the ©Galileo Postman is the function to find alternative routes. This may be helpful, if the postman has to reschedule his route. Also transferring districts to other employees or restructuring is an easy matter as a new postman will easily be able to find the itinerary.

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