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Galileo GeoSeal is an advanced geo-coded seal that uses a dynamic, anti-spoofing code guaranteed and verified by the Galileo GeoSeal Center to contain the spread of counterfeit or potentially dangerous goods.

Galileo GeoSeal system consists of geodata, a trust centre und data storage chips to mark and identify events and goods with a geo-coded seal.

Galileo GeoSeal prevents product piracy and identification fraud. The business case for the Galileo GeoSeal operator involves collecting licence fees, licencing hardware, and dealing with trusted information certified by the Galileo member-states.

The Galileo GeoSeal, based on the Galileo signal, enhances conventional authentication methods such as personal data or sequences of numbers with time and position data.

The authenticity of this set of data is guaranteed by a trust centre.

There is a wide range of possible applications of this kind of geocoded seal.

Some examples include a “white internet”, characterised by the proofed authentication of users’ geoposition; and a system of marking goods. The identification code, stored on a RFID tag, includes the location, time of manufacturing and the licenced programmer.

The customer benefits from the Galileo GeoSeal in the form of verified, guaranteed information on the location of a communication partner. This is important for banks and their customers in the case of payment transactions or criminal internet attacks, such as phishing.

The customer is also protected from counterfeit products and can receive detailed information on the lifecycles of goods, including perishable foods, luxury articles, and artwork.

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