Su Zhenzhong, Tonio Gsell, Alexander Wolf

Current GNSS navigation and positioning devices are either not accurate or not affordable for a wide range of customers. While low-cost, consumergrade GNSS units provide positioning solutions with metre-level accuracy, the centimetre level is achievable using geodetic-grade GNSS instruments. However, these instruments entail a significant increase in cost per unit and an inconveniently large size. Fixposition offers an affordable, compact, highprecision navigation solution. By intelligently combining powerful differential carrier-phase GNSS positioning algorithm with low-cost GNSS modules, embedded systems, and wireless technology, a real-time positioning accuracy of 1-5 centimetres and significantly lower end-user costs can be ensured. The algorithm has been developed and tested for four years at ETH Zurich and successfully deployed in several real-time scenarios. Using multiple GNSS systems (including Galileo) will allow us to guarantee a reliable, accurate solution at any time and location. The vision is to integrate Fixposition into multiple areas of deployment, such as drone-based delivery, autonomous driving, the Internet of Things, and crowdsourced geomonitoring and early warning.