Dr Clemens Strauß, Dipl.-Ing. Gernot Hollinger

ENViGUARD is a system for dealing with pollution that endangers the environment and public health. No matter if the problem is illegal dumping of waste, oil spills or even unexploded ordinance – ENViGUARD is the first point of contact for citizens. The primary intent of the system is to form a link between citizens and authorities charged with keeping the environment clean and safe. Citizens can use the web app on their smartphones to determine the location of a hazard using GNSS and a compass, classify it, and document it by taking a photograph. The app automatically transmits the report to the authority responsible for the case of pollution in question. In cases involving potentially hazardous waste, citizens’ reports will trigger professional intervention by the authorities responsible for disposal. The system aids the professionals by displaying the situation and providing guidance, while the citizens interested receive progress reports. If the pollution is not hazardous, the system encourages the citizens to deal with it by pointing them to the next waste bin or organising a waste collection party. With ENViGUARD, we can all be guardians of our environment.