Adrian Kyle Blackwood, Steven Wood, Michelle Chang

To help build a future where everything is location-aware and digitally interconnected – the Internet of Things (IOT) – trakkies has developed IOT smart nodes with ambient intelligence, a smartphone app, and a back-end cloud system for digitally interacting with people, places and things (PPTs). The trakkies platform enables users to keep better track of belongings, events, tasks, appointments, and other important PPTs. First, users attach a node to a PPT they want to interact with. Next, they select a default profile (child, pet, keys, car, home, etc.) – or create a unique profile and assign it to the node. Users can then observe and learn from the node’s location, physical activity, and interaction with other nodes; update profiles; and find and communicate with other tagged PPTs. With the trakkies platform, users can innovate new ways of interacting with PPTs, thus seamlessly merging virtual and real-world relationships. To better anticipate market applications, the system functionality and usability of trakkies needs to be tested in a Living Lab environment. The team will be its own first use case and plans to build a reconfigurable Living Lab at new offices in Amsterdam.