Joop van der Velden

Currently, ready made products with GPS/Galileo technolgoy are not so well suited to study and experimentation because the hardware and software is “closed” and not accessible for research, study, modification and/or adaption. A do-it-yourself kit can offer start-up and small or medium-sized companies in particular the edge to already start working with prototype applications without having to wait for time-consuming outsourced development and production of tailor-made Galileo functionalities.

With the DIY kit, companies can create their own Galileo functionalities and integrate them in their overall product (development). This not only improves time-to-market, but also lowers the barrier for awareness that Galileo is already a workable technology to implement in new product and service development. Besides the use for SMEs, the do-it-yourself Galileo kit is a good educative tool for engineering schools (and schools in general) as well as an interesting “edutainment”-kit for the interested hobbyist market.

Moreover, because it is a do-it-yourself kit, it enables the user to become familiar with the technology by fully documenting the functionality of the electronic circuit and component level (as well as by constructing it). The main key advantages of this innovation are: open design, collaboration and knowledge diffusion via the Internet, time-to-market for new product ideas using GNSS, as well as increased awareness of GNSS. These advantages are brought to the potential user via documentation and the Internet.

The application areas for the DIY kit depend on the user. The applications are therefore wide and versatile: e.g. navigation on a laptop, precision timing in computer networks but also, for instance, in sports, tracking and tracing within a wireless network, etc. The extensive documentation makes it possible to adapt the design to any specific needs.

Manufacturers of GNSS receiver OEM modules can use this kit – custom adapted to their products – to speed up the development phase concerning applications using their products and thus reduce time-to-market.

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