Dylan Seychell, Dr Alexiei Dingli, Tunde Kallai

DINOS for Smart Cities will be a hybrid system that collects and manages information and aids users travelling in cities by making use of localisation services. It will incorporate an intelligent information system that automatically manages the status of the queues at tourist attractions, thus distributing visitors among different places of interest. The system will also be able to determine which queue is moving most quickly. Using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, DINOS will in return suggest attractions to users depending on this status and provide recommendations based on their proximity to relevant locations. Natural language processing (NLP) will be employed to protect tourists by reducing their use of the traditional methods , making them less vulnerable to theft. The system will comprise a central server that receives information from nodes at places of interest and interacts with users on their mobile devices.

DINOS is an automated guide that requires minimal user intervention. It provides the user with navigational and orientation support and up-to-date information when travelling in cities. DINOS constantly monitors the user’s location, recommending attractions and places of interest nearby according to their relevance. Users can also take advantage of the orientation tools provided, which include an interactive map and augmented reality functions. DINOS makes use of GPS for external localisation, and its application was developed on the Android mobile technology platform.
Tourism: The system enables users to obtain information about the attractions in cities and general orientation based on a combination of digital maps/ guidebooks.Marketing: The commercial community and historical attractions will use DINOS to promote their products and services while collaborating together to improve users’ experiences in cities where the system is implemented.Learning/Gaming: One could also use the system to conduct fun learning experiences around cities, such as scavenger hunts.CUSTOMER BENEFIT
The end user benefits from continuous adaptive guidance and navigational assistance while receiving high-quality, relevant information. Meanwhile, DINOS also represents new marketing and advertising space commercial and historic entities can access. In addition, it holds potential advantages for marketing agencies, which could use DINOS to conduct highly segmented and dedicated campaigns. In a nutshell, the potential users of DINOS are all of the entities related in any way to a given city. Another advantage is that DINOS builds a profile of the user and processes information in a way that guides consumers to the companies supporting the application.


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