Dr Tsung-Liang Wu, Chinchi Liao, Dr Yu-liang Chung, Jose Valenzuela , Yunpeng Hsu, Chingshun Chen

The increasing usage of credit card transactions is presenting new challenges in the realm of security. The main purpose of our invention is to provide a feasible approach to authenticating credit card users. With this novel method, cardholders can avoid the complications involved in card misplacement, theft, and fraud (including skimming). We call it Double Check.

The Double Check service can provide authentication not only in brick-andmortar stores, but online, as well. The volume of online transactions is increasing dramatically, and with it cases of online fraud. Double Check provides a physical tool to protect transactions in the digital world.

Double Check will be supported by existing technologies, including GNSS (and soon, Galileo-compatible) positioning systems, 3G and 3.5G wireless communications, and indoor navigation (Gyro+MEMS). Nearly every modern smartphone includes all of these technologies, which means the Double Check service can easily be installed.

By using GNSS technology to compare the positions of users’ mobile phones and shopping destinations, the Double Check service can provide feasible authentication of credit card holders. Via 3G/3.5G networks, credit card companies can utilise the global positioning capability embedded in cardholders’ mobile phones to check whether the credit card is close to the cellular phone. Double Check thus provides for a much more secure shopping atmosphere.

The main target market of the Double Check service is credit card banks. Currently, credit card banks send out text messages to cardholders when they generate a higher volume of transactions . By utilising Double Check, credit card banks can reduce or eliminate the expenses involved in this activity. The Double Check service also offers potential benefits to telecom companies, who stand to gain many 3G/3.5G subscribers.


  • Helps credit card banks save many of the costs involved in issuing text messages
  • Can significantly increase telecom companies’ 3G/3.5G subscribers
  • Gives credit card users a feasible way to avoid credit card fraud

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