Mirko Antonini, Alessandro Di Felice

Professional cycling teams pay a great deal of attention to technological innovation in terms of both their principal work instrument – the bike – and accessories, seats, helmets, and lenticular wheels. Recently, their focus has increased on all technologies that help improve team management during races and enable team directors to check predetermined tactics and take prompt decisions based on real-time strategic advice. COPPI is an innovative system for real-time monitoring and tracking of cyclists during training and competitions. Some of the key parameters are: Positioning and kinematics (speed, acceleration, vibrations, slope), bike telemetry (cadence, power on crank, gearing), biometry (heart rate, temperature, breathing frequency) and environmental (wind pressure and direction, barometric pressure, humidity, external temperature). A multi-constellation (Galileo + GPS/EGNOS) receiver is used for positioning and kinematics, and also DGPS corrections are broadcast for increased accuracy. COPPI addresses many potential markets, such as athletes in training, television (telemetry, statistics, and real-time tracking), anti-doping monitoring, tactics and strategy, betting, and video games.