Lukas Narutis, Sigitas Limontas

BMWare is a software platform that enables communication among pedestrians, automobiles, and emergency vehicles to minimise the danger of collision. All you need is a smartphone running the BMWare application, which monitors the direction, speed, and pace of everyone using it. When a potential collision between app users is detected, a warning is issued by the smartphones or vehicle stereos of those involved. Under busy urban conditions, for example, drivers experience difficulties spotting emergency vehicles and clearing the way for them to pass by. In extreme cases, failure to do so can cause accidents. BMWare solves this issue with prioritised warning queues. Other potentially dangerous situations occur on rural roads, such as when visibility is poor at night. BMWare also provides a key service to delivery truck drivers. Pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, and pets, and other elements are hard to spot on road sides or unregulated pathways, especially when drivers are blinded by passing cars, fog, rain, or snow. Here, BMWare has a smart threat-warning filter based on geo-locations that takes road type, speed, and threat density into account to eliminate false alarms.