Selene Kolman

bliin is a GPS enhanced mobile – and online – social network. It enables live tracing of individuals and location-based content, community and commerce services. Users can locate and follow friends on a map in real-time, upload geo-tagged media: ‘Shares’ – photos, videos, audio and text – to Google Maps or other mapping services. Shares are geo-tagged to the location of capture. Using their mobile phone or desktop PC, users can navigate areas around them in search of friends, family members, colleagues or other users, and view their location, shares, and third party location content. bliin has been in public beta since April 30th, 2007.

bliin leverages the power of the Internet with location based technologies. Different from other emerging navigation services, bliin is unique in providing a user-generated points of interest (POI) database.
Furthermore the bliin software is based on the open platform – any handset, any model, any browser any PC – and it operates carrier independent worldwide, anywhere where mobile phone or internet services are available. By utilising satellite positioning systems, bliin members enjoy a real-time, on the move social networking tool to find and discover geo-tagged interests.

bliin’s potential worldwide market is the cross section of its 3 main business drivers:

  • Users in online communities & social networks (1 billion+)
  • Access to (flat fee) mobile internet (Japan: 66%, EU: 34%, US: 21%)
  • Penetration of GNSS devices
  • All 3 drivers show a steep upward trend, if not ‘explosive growth’. Surveys have found that (in the US) 49% of mobile phone users want GPS-enabled navigation technology built into their next cell phone. A conservative estimate of bliin’s target market will reach 1 billion potential users by 2010.


  • Open internet … any browser, any handset, any model, any PC (J2ME, Windows Mobile, Windows, Mac
  • Carrier independent, worldwide coverage
  • Live! … Always there: real-time, on the move user-positioning and location sharing on a map
  • POCKETbliin: turns mobile phone into a personal social net work radar
  • bliinGPSXS: software allows positioning from within the desk top browser
  • Localised search: Users create & share bliins to search, and monitor locative based content around them
  • Design: bliin’s interface is intuitive and strongly recognisable
  • User-generated POI database

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