Daniel Kofler, Andreas Stückl, Dietmar Hofer, Alessandro Holler, Mihai Ghete, Marcin Bieda, Peter Fötsch, Matthias Esterl, Benedikt Hackauf, Bernadette Hofer, Ericka Angeles Garcia

BikeCityGuide is the first smartphone navigation app especially developed for cycling in cities. If you want to plan a route or discover a city on interesting tours, BikeCityGuide always knows the most bicycle-friendly route. Our app offers routing and A to B navigation with exact vocal instructions. Residents and tourists can thus cycle through cities comfortably and explore them along the best routes for cyclists. Having been launched in April 2012, BikeCityGuide is currently available in 24 cities in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The team’s specially developed algorithm calculates bike-specific routes, guaranteeing the app’s ability to automatically avoid main streets while favouring bike lanes and side streets. All of BikeCityGuide’s navigation features rely solely on GPS to offer off line routing and navigation. All of its functions are also available without an active Internet connection, which saves on roaming charges and battery power. With BikeCityGuide, we are bringing GPS navigation to an area where it does not yet see widespread use. This is part of the goal, which is to make cycling accessible to more people by making it even more comfortable and stress-free.