Aidan Flanagan, Colm Murphy

112GPS provides emergency services with accurate location coordinates for calls made from a mobile phone. The lack of accurate caller localisation presents a significant problem to emergency services in responding to emergency callers across Europe, particularly when callers are unable to provide their location verbally. Using the 112GPS app when a call is made to 112, the user’s GPS coordinates – along with the medical data entered by the user during initial registration – are transmitted securely to emergency services. In addition, the app automatically notifies up to five contacts in the event 112 / 999 is dialled from the user’s mobile device. Despite an EU Directive requesting that all EU countries implement better caller location procedures, a clear solution has not yet been found to this global problem. LocateMe Ltd, the Irish company behind 112GPS, firmly believes that this life-saving application will not only help save lives, but also aid emergency services across Europe in saving time, money, and other resources.