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GSA Space for Fun Challenge

GSA is looking for new solutions using space data from Galileo and EGNOS for the gaming, sports, leisure and tourism markets.


Stay tuned! One of these finalists will become the GSA Space for Fun Challenge winner!

ATLANTIS – A “Smart” Guide for Tourists
The spread of COVID-19 is undermining global economic stability, causing a sudden drop in revenues in many sectors, and putting a halt to economic growth. Due to its strong reliance on free and safe movement, tourism is one of the markets being most harshly hit by the restrictions in force in many countries. However, the travel industry has often shown flexibility and the ability to adapt to change by embracing innovation and low-cost solutions. ATLANTIS (sATeLlite nAvigation-eNhanced TourISm) aims to bring a novel approach to the tourism sector by combining high-accuracy location and AR technology to create a fully immersive, smartphone-based outdoor experience. Its location accuracy is improved by FLAMINGO, a positioning service available as a software development kit (SDK) that offers multi-frequency and multi-GNSS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) and real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning. The breakthrough ATLANTIS solution is based on the integration of decimetre-level location accuracy and AR environment reconstruction using Android device cameras. In addition, ATLANTIS helps travellers plan their journeys to provide an all-around immersive touristic experience.

Marco Fortunato

Sports4VIP (Sports for Visually Impaired People)
So far, visually impaired people (VIP) have been limited to being informed about sports mainly through audio descriptions. Taking advantage of just one of the senses is an incomplete, delayed approach that is also vulnerable to subjectivity because the stimulations received are filtered through a commentator.
It also does not enable VIP to be equal participants in the emotion, socialisation, and recreation of sports. Sports4VIP tackles this by introducing the sense of touch to the experience of sports for VIP. It is a Galileo-enabled wearable with an AI-based tracking system. Athletes and/or objects (footballs, basketballs, etc) are continuously followed and the spatial data is transferred to Sports4VIP IoT devices called VIPins. A VIPins is a miniature version of the contextual field with moving parts that allow VIP to follow the movement of athletes/objects, thereby making them equal recipients of the sensory sports experience.

Konstantinos Kokolakis

SportSpots – A New Way to Connect with Sports
SportSpots is a digital platform designed to enable trainers, instructors, and other sport professionals to create and advertise sport activities by sharing information such as locations, times, prices, and number of participants. Available on all mobile platforms, the app will allow sport enthusiasts to find and join indoor and outdoor classes, workout sessions, and matches all around their city. At the core of the SportSpots service is a combination of Galileo data and GPS, which enables the precise localisation of events and the delimitation of areas while supporting features like attendance management, session billing, and time logging. Moreover, the platform integrates POIs, databases, and space-based imagery for quick mapping of outdoor sport locations.

Tiago Ferrão


The gaming and leisure markets are constantly growing and becoming an important part of our lives as wearables are more common and location-based applications are supporting a wide variety of leisure activities. GNSS today enables the monitoring of users’ performance through a variety of fitness applications. Satellite navigation also helps make augmented reality games even more immersive, providing the players with high accuracy and availability even in areas with no phone coverage or Internet. With Galileo and EGNOS services, there is space for new ideas that need positioning information that is accurate and reliable.

The ideas proposed should be focused on the development of applications introducing space data in the areas of:

  • Gaming
  • Sport
  • Leisure
  • Tourism

The solutions should also consider synergies with other emerging technologies: augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and tools to allow data sharing and data usage.

Prizes 2020

Cash Prize

Cash prize worth EUR 10.000
Extra EUR 10,000 Cash Prize if your concept gets selected as Galileo Masters 2020 Overall Winner
Additional Prize
Chance to win one of six tailored Galileo Incubation prizes worth up to EUR 62,000 each
Additional Prize


Submissions to the GSA Space for Fun Challenge will be assessed using the following criteria:


Innovative approach over existing technical solutions and commercial services


Use of Galileo/EGNOS differentiators, data & services

Market potential

Considerable contribution to uptake in one of the various satellite downstream market segments


Commercial and societal benefits along the entire value chains for market players, society and the end users

About the Partners

European GNSS Agency (GSA)

The European GNSS Agency (GSA), a European Union agency, is working with the European Commission on a range of activities aimed at helping European entrepreneurs and businesses – especially high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research institutes and related networks – build their applications using the positioning, navigation and timing data delivered by Galileo and EGNOS.


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European GNSS Agency (GSA)


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