Andalucia / Spain Challenge

Prize 2019


mentoring programme

A mentoring programme and leadership course by the University of Málaga (worth EUR 2,000)*

* Please note: Exact services are subject to local or temporary availabilities.

Travel on Airplane

Free trip

A free trip to the Space Oscars 2019 – Awards Ceremony

E GNSS Accelerator

E-GNSS Accelerator support

Chance to win one of three tailored E-GNSS Accelerator incubation prizes worth EUR 62,000 and an E-GNSS Accelerator crowdfunding prize worth EUR 35,000 (find out more)

Awards 2018

An extra EUR 10,000 cash prize

If your idea gets selected as Galileo Masters 2019 Overall Winner

12-month incubation Programme

The top-two selected projects will get offered a complete 12-month incubation programme* at one of the incubators of Promálaga.

This will include the following services:

  • Business coaching and training
  • IPR and patent consulting
  • Access to experts
  • Access to public funding or venture capital
In this way, the winner and runner-up will receive startup assistance to develop an early stage company, get access to seed capital and training thanks to a mentoring network, infrastructural support, and intensive consulting. The objective is to accompany the entrepreneurs through the development phases – maturation, financing, and implementation – of their winning ideas.

* Please note: Exact services are subject to local or temporary availabilities.


University of Malaga

Raquel Barco Moreno

+34 (0) 952131064


Regional Organisers

University of Malaga (UMA)

University of Malaga (UMA)

The University of Malaga (UMA), founded in 1972, is a public institution responsible for the higher education as public service, through teaching, study and research having more than 2,300 teaching positions and 39,000 students. It has also a long history of collaboration with international companies, particularly in the technological sector.

Together with the University of Seville, it forms the International Campus of Excellence (ICE) Andalucía TECH. The objective of Andalucía TECH is to promote excellence in education, research, knowledge transfer and in the campus environment. To do this, the ICE performs different actions in close cooperation with prestigious foreign research institutions and with the main regional economic development organisations. Andalucía TECH aspires to go beyond providing training in professional skills, but to form future community leaders of the society and the Andalusian economy; with a critical and entrepreneurial spirit. All of this is done in the heart of a cultural, accessible, healthy, conciliatory and fully committed campus.



Promálaga is a development and business promotion agency dedicated to job, wealth and welfare creation in the city of Malaga, guided by the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit, business drive, and investment in technologicy.

The initiative offers a creative and cultural technology incubator network providing space for the development of ideas and projects in the areas of innovation and urban technology.

E-GNSS Accelerator Partner

Logo European Union

European Commission

The prize pool is co-financed by the European Commission’s DG Grow. The aim of the “E-GNSS Accelerator” is to foster the market uptake of Galileo/EGNOS and high technologies in EU28, the EEA and ENP countries.


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