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Czech Republic

Augmented Prague

Jirí Mikoláš, Šárka Sekorová, Darina Mikolášová, Jirí Sekora, Pavel Polanský Augmented Prague is an adventurous quiz game with elements of Augmented Reality. Through smartphones and tablets, a new dimension of…

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Mobilly: A Next-Generation Travel Planner

Nikolay Staykov, Kalin Iliev Mobilly is the first geolocation-based aggregator to combine hotels, private rentals, and daily deal offers for travel and other purposes. Our mission is to give the…

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iTur – Integrated Destination Management

Irena Dimitrova, Nenad Štancl The iTur application software enables service providers to gather common their strengths under one unified interest and destination brand. The iTur software application is an innovative…

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David Prentell, Luis-Daniel Alegría, Jens Dressler, Erik Collinder Vamos is a mobile application that combines the best of Facebook and Instagram in order to pry friends away from their screens…

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Wikitude Drive – Augmented Reality Navigation

Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis, Rainhard Findling, Nicola Radacher, Sebastian Höbarth, Andreas Hauser DESCRIPTION Wikitude Drive is the worlds first fully functional mobile Augmented Reality navigation system with global maps. It is a…

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