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Starting Position

UAVs are an emerging and promising market for GNSS, thanks to their need for precise positioning and orientation. Investments and development in the UAV industry will continue to increase significantly over the next years, making UAVs the trend in the aerospace industry with the biggest potential of job creation. In line with the Smart Specialisation Strategy, the Government of Galicia (Xunta de Galicia) is highly committed to develop a European reference pole on aeronautics, implemented around Rozas Aerodrome and the future INTA-Xunta Investigation Centre (CIAR). Within the framework of this policy, the Galician government has launched the Civil UAVs Initiative for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for civil purposes and to help improve the provision of public services.


Unmanned aerial vehicles offer solutions to optimise myriad kinds of services. The Galician government will act as a launching centre of new technological solutions based on UAVs. Galicia aims to position itself as a reference pole for aeronautics and UAV development in Europe in line with the Smart Specialisation Strategy and foster economic development through the creation of new jobs and companies in the UAV market. The UAV special prize is looking for innovative business cases and professional applications using UAVs to exploit the market potential. Submissions shall focus on the following four main technological challenges:

  • Efficient Management of Land Resources, Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Biomass
  • Efficient Management of Water Resources
  • Efficient Management of the Territory, cultural Heritage and Tourism
  • Efficient Management of Emergency Situations
Find more details on the technological challenges here

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Prize 2016

The winner of the UAV Special Prize will receive a comprehensive support package to help in the further development of their idea, comprising the following services:

  • A EUR 3,000 cash prize to be used at the winner's discretion
  • Access to test infrastructure at Rozas Aerodrome
  • Cooperation with Rozas Technology Center
  • Cooperation with INTA-Xunta Investigation Centre (CIAR)
  • Incubation services incl. office space, test facilities, experts, etc.
  • Access to Indra/Inaer
  • Extensive promotion via the CIVIL.UAVs.INITIATIVE
  • Furthermore the winner will have the chance to be shortlisted for the annual Round of Investors at the business accelerator ViaGalicia
  • Opportunity to test the service in the Phase II of the CIVIL.UAVS.INITIATIVE

Supporting Partners

The UAV Special Prize will be supported by Axencia Galega de Innovación - the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), which is responsible for implementing and coordinating the region's Smart Specialisation Strategy and is in charge of the CIVIL.UAVs.INITIATIVE (Watch a trailer here). The prize is further supported by INAER and INDRA.


Rafael Aguado, Juan Díaz, Jorge Gómez, Ana Pérez
CANARD - Calibration of Air Navigation Safety Beacons with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Xunta de Galicia
Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN)
Ms Pilar Morgade Saavedra
Rúa Airas Nunes, s/n
15702 Santiago de Compostela

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