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BMVI Special Prize ::
PRS applications - reliable services for a secure digital society

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Starting Position and Challenge

Modern digital societies are increasingly dependent on secure positioning and timing solutions. The Public Regulated Service (PRS) offered by GALILEO, the European Satellite Navigation System, is the first encrypted navigation signal under civilian control, ensuring maximum protection against spoofing and advanced resistance against jamming. Scheduled to be operable by 2019, the PRS assures continuous availability even when access to other services may be denied.

While the use of the GALILEO PRS by governments and security authorities as well as emergency and rescue services in EU Member States is evident, the full potential of the signal in today's connected and digital society with an elevated need for secure and robust services is yet to be explored. Digital security will be a fundamental element of modern societies.

Therefore, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is strongly committed to driving innovative applications making use of the PRS which enhance not only public safety but also people's lives.


Under the auspices of BMVI, the PRS Special Prize* is looking for pioneering and inspiring solutions specifically integrating the GALILEO PRS and generating a substantial and/or unique added-value to society. This year's Prize aims to stimulate pilot applications in the following areas:

  1. Security and safety applications, such as:
    • Reliable support applications, in particular for police and other emergency services
    • Safety-critical applications including remotely piloted aircrafts (RPA)
    • Applications securing critical infrastructure.
  1. Applications beyond the conventional concept of the GALILEO PRS, such as:
    • Enhanced protection of data privacy
    • Remote authentication
    • Next-generation traffic management

Selection Criteria

The proposed PRS application will be carefully assessed as to the respective balance between security, user needs, and innovation potential and ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the GALILEO PRS
  • Maturity of the idea
  • Practical feasibility
  • Commercial benefits and market potential
  • Degree of innovation and added value in comparison to existing solutions
  • Contribution to the adoption of PRS

Prize 2016

The winner will receive a voucher for EUR 5,000 to support the further development of the idea. While all contestants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise simply by participating in the competition, the winner will also enjoy the added benefit of having the German government promote their idea.

About PRS

For general information on the Galileo PRS please refer to GSA or Navipedia.

Further insights may also be obtained from the following document, available for download:

The Galileo PRS Brochure

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions or clarification requests.

Previous Winners

Dr Mark Dumville, Ben Wales, Dr Luis Enrique Aguado, Dr Nigel Davies, Richard Bowden, Kevin Adams, Daniel Boulton, Matthew Jones
GRIPPA - A PRS-enabled Smartphone Sleeve for Critical Applications

Jukka Talvi, Joni Jämsä, Kalle Arola, Jukka-Pekka Alanissi, Antti Koponen
HALI - Always Green Traffic Signals for Emergency Vehicles

Wolfgang Kogler, Jan Wendel
Low-Cost PRS Receiver for Positioning and Timing Enabled by an Assistance Server

We very much look forward to receiving your ideas and wish you good luck.

* This special prize specifically invites ideas from individuals, research institutes, and companies around the world. Prior PRS experience is not required. However, innovators should be aware that legal restrictions, especially on non-EU citizens, apply in this area.

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